Performing Garage Door Repair Bellevue

Residents who attempt garage door repair in Bellevue, or other cities, are taking a grave risk. Anyone who has worked on a roof realizes the danger of falling. Attempting to fix these doors in a do-it-yourself manner puts the homeowner at risk of falling from a high elevation onto a concrete surface. This is especially true if any part of the ladder is in the line of fire of the doors.

Breaking springs and belts can cause a very heavy door to crash to the ground with great force. The force of the landing itself can cause a person to fall from a ladder, but that risk doubles if any portion of the ladder happens to be in the path. A worst case scenario, of course, is that someone helping the repairman, or their children, are standing underneath it when it comes down.

The first danger of repair involves the removal of the torsion springs. Many people will unscrew them without properly unwinding the tension, and this has resulted in loss of fingers and hands. There have been deaths associated with this as well. A professional has special tools which prevent this from happening, and it allows them to very carefully unwind the spring so that it can be safely removed.

Any time a teen or other member of the house hits the doors, or if they are damaged by wind or hail, it is important to have them inspected by a professional from garage door repair Bellevue WA. Again, damage to these springs can create an unsafe condition. Even having these heavy doors knocked off the tracks is risky.

There are also a number of things that can go wrong with an automatic opener. If there is a problem with the sensors, then the doors will not operate appropriately. First off, one should make certain that the sensors are facing each other directly, and that there is nothing blocking the signal. No one wants to be driving under their doors when the sensors malfunction.

Many other issues can arise with the operation of these automatic openers. Any time the remote control does not work, or the light does not come on or go off the way it is set on the timer, this can be a problem. As with any basic trouble-shooting, one should check the light bulb and the batteries in the remote first off.

Of course everyone remembers the problems that were occurring with these remote control units back in the 1980s and early 1990s. Basically, one remote could open the doors throughout the neighborhood, granting them access to the house. If anyone still owns one of these dated systems, they should consider replacing it immediately. There were many robberies that occurred due to this basic flaw in the design.

For the basic safety of all residents, it is absolutely important to seek out garage door repair Bellevue rather than undertaking the task by themselves. This is a dangerous job that should not be attempted by anyone without experience. In addition, one must have all the right tools to get the job done right, as these doors are heavy enough to do real damage.

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